For hundreds of years, leaves and extracts of the plant Stevia Rebaudiana Bertoni are used as calorie-free sweeteners. Originating in the central regions of South America, its cultivation and usage expanded throughout many other regions in the world in the past decades.

In the US stevia extracts have been approved for use as sweetener in 2008, followed by the approval in the European Union in 2011.
Today stevia products are highly standardized plant extracts, mainly used as table-top sweetener or as part of sugar reduction targets in the food industry. Our highly pure stevia extracts are 150-300 times sweeter compared to sugar and are therefore counted among high intense sweeteners.

Steviavida is our private label product range of stevia extracts exclusively for commercial use. Under this brand we offer the entire range of commercially available stevia extracts for your products and developments – first-hand and via a controlled supply chain.


Following stevia extracts are currently part of our portfolio – categorized based on the respective Rebaudioside content:


  • Reb A 40
  • Reb A 60
  • Reb A 80
  • Reb A 97
  • Reb D 95
  • Reb M 80

According to the current specification for steviol glycosides as part of the regulation (EU) No. 231/2012, the amount of total steviol glycosides in our extracts is >95%. The full specification is available upon request. On top of the above-mentioned standard extracts, we will gladly assist you in finding the right extract for your application.


First in 2011 the conditions of use of steviol glycosides as a sweetener or sugar replacement was defined in regulation (EU) No. 1131/2011. As part of this regulation, annex II of regulation (EU) No. 1333/2008 containing the list of approved food additives and its conditions of use was extended by food additive E960. Therefore, the conditions of use and maximum permitted use levels for steviol glycosides are defined as well in regulation (EU) No. 1131/2011. 

In consequence of the approval in 2011, steviol glycosides are already used as food additive E960 in many different categories on the European market.

Thanks to the broad range of Steviavida products we are able to offer solutions for every approved application listed in regulation (EU) No. 1131/2011. In case of questions regarding application or technical feasibility please don’t hesitate to contact our R&D team.


Our service represents a combination of following key areas of competence:

  • Customer focus: personal communication and customized support are one of the main parts of every business relationship.
  • Know-How: The key for our common success is the right product for your formulation. We offer established standard extract as well as customized products for your requirements.
  • Product diversity: Our product range is completed by formulations for crystalized table-top sweeteners or stevia tabs with different carrier materials.
  • Quality: Besides our individual service and flexibility, highest quality standards are an essential part of our business principles. Through regular inspections and independent analytics in Germany we ensure steady high quality at any time.

About Us

Verdure Sciences Europe GmbH (VSEU) is your partner for high quality botanical extracts and other raw materials for commercial use. The core of our wide-ranging portfolio are private label stevia extracts and products thereof called Steviavida.

Target markets for our products are mainly food supplements, food and beverages as well as other FMCG areas. Since 2006 we are operating as a specialized supplier of raw materials for b2b relationships. VSEU is a 100% subsidiary of Contraf-Nicotex-Tobacco (CNT) with its headquarters in Heilbronn, Germany. CNT is a medium-size family-owned business, founded in 1982. 

It is a worldwide operating company involved in growing, sourcing, developing, processing and extracting of agriculturally originated products.


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